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Section Modules - Supports CAS & Arty Modules do not function if you die and respawn - Multiplayer
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Section Modules - Supports

Only tested CAS heli & Artillery mortar - works initially but once you respawn neither CAS heli or Arty mortar are available.

It as though the 'support provider' is not working after respawn.

Haven't tested it in single player.
{F18599} {F18600}


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I was gonna attach my mission.sqf or .pbo ... but neither file types are allowed.... you need yo fix this as its pretty pointless.

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Mission .zip added ....use test1 not test

Added - I also tested heli transport module ... Red side with a KA60 works fine but Blue MH9 fails to land to pick u up. Another problem I noticed is when you want to select the destination on the map you cannot zoom the map... and it would be better if you could 'mapclick' a position rather than pressing enter.

Some of this is covered on bug report No 2700

Confirmed, same Error here. As soon as the Support Requester dies and respawns it is no longer possible to get the Support online.

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We're planning to adress Supports in general soon, this will get fixed as part of overall overhaul.