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Facial animation when speaking...
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Please add basic vowel lip positions that correspond with the frequencies being spoken by the player in live chat.
At the moment It just seems to be random flickering jerky facial expressions.

just subtle A E I O U mouth positions that blend from one to the other activated by the players spoken voice would make it look much more believable.


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Please do this , this would make the usage of ACRE much better !

Needs to be subtle expressions, not exaggerated :-)

I'm up-voting this, but only because I want this game to be as good as it gets. Honestly this is not a game-breaker. I think everyone needs to vote the jump/climb features up more so than something like this. But I'll take what I can get I suppose.

Yeah that's why I kept the priority down...
Although it does look ridiculous at the moment lol

Problem is that every language has different "movements" of the mount to pronunce AEIOU letters

ignore language for a moment and the fact that they're letters...

they are simply the fundamental mouth positions needed to create the non consonant frequencies of speech in any language (even primates)

It's natural acoustic physics, not an invented man made language, and software can detect it and reproduce it to a 3d character

I do different mouth movement to say "A-E-I-O-U" in English and in Italian..