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I can NEVER pick up an EBR from a vehicle or crate in multiplayer games. I have to put it down to the gound before even being able to pick it up.
EVEN then... it is the ONLY gun that cannot be stored in a backpack or the like.


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whenever you try to pick up the EBR from GENERICALLY created sources or other locations during MOST mp-games
ALWAYS on Wasteland, I'll try the official Coops later

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same with mk200 and the MXM

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they can't be stored in backpack because they're too big. the other guns are bugged in this respect.

The MXM can be stored in the backpack, and it's very useful if you carry it along with another rifle to save on ammo. With the EBR, you have to drop it if you want to pick another rifle, which is kinda annoying.

If realism is really an issue in that regard, then they should make it so we could also assign a primary weapon to the RPG slot. I mean, if I can carry an Mk200 with 3 extra 200-round mags and a loaded NLAW with an extra rocket, why an EBR and another rifle with a bunch of mags would be a problem?

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This problem is not limited to the EBR. There are other tickets that describe the problem more broadly.