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"Running" distances
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The current distance you can run or jog are extremely short even when your player has a very light load out. Such as Helmet, Kevlar Chest Plate, Uniform, and Backpack. If these are indeed trained military soldiers shouldn't the range be far greater.


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Weight has no real noticeable factor when running or jogging.

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Helmet - 1 lb
Flak - (It's the MTV style so front, back, and side sapis) - 40-50 lbs
Backpack - (Empty weight plus some very small basic stuff) At least 10 lbs
Long sleeve uniform and boots - 3 lbs
Rifle - +6 lbs
Full Ammunition (6 mags) - 6 lbs.
Pistol - 2.5 lbs
Leg Holster plus mags - 2-3 lbs.

Do the math and you'll see that is roughly a total of 75 pounds. Not to mention the discomfort and difficulty to actually run well with all this equipment in the way.

It's certainly not an easy task. However, if the game were made to complete realistic expectations, it may not be enjoyable to play. So there is a happy medium to shoot for. It all seems fine except for the jogging. The players speed is unaffected on hills and they can go for miles on a 10 mph speed.

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the distance i can run fully loaded is okay or even a little bit to far.

but definitely too short when carrying nothing except clothes (no west, no helmet) and pistol.

i encountered this problem in some custom missions

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