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Smoke pushed away by rotor downwash dissipates too little
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The new feature of smoke and particles being influenced by the downwash from a helicopter is excellent, but the dissipation is very low, leaving rather strange-looking smoke trails and arcs on the ground in the distance. The smoke should dissipate more widely and/or quickly.

When downwash causes a change in velocity (i.e. speed & direction) to smoke particles, the change should be randomised slightly more. The closer the helicopter is to the smoke and the higher the change in velocity that occurs, the higher the dissipation should be.

Very minor issue, just for consideration. {F18570}


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Fly a helicopter almost directly on top of a smoke grenade to impart maximum velocity to the smoke, then climb up to observe the slightly peculiar-looking effects.

Additional Information

Attached screenshot shows the principle, but it's not a great example. Take off was from the road on the left. Smoke grenades were dropped just in front of the helicopter. The smoke was pushed far forwards over the water but remained in neat bands - all particles were influenced more or less identically by the downwash.

I will add more images later if/when I get chance.

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