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Something is wrong with scripts for bullet physics.
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Bullets for all weapons are not ranged properly when using ARCO or RCO scopes. All bullets fire up to 500 when aiming at the middle dot, this also effects all the other ranges making it very difficult to range a target. {F18561}


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Get any weapons with any attachemnt, make a game in editor keep settings on normal so that you can scroll wheel to get range. Use RCO (its easier to spot error, becasue the RCO scope Zero is sort of messed up already) Aim and shoot at a target 300 meters away usign the red dot of the sniper scope, repeat with 400, and 500. All shots will be hits. Aiming at a target above that is difficult because the other ranges are now off by ~ 80- 100m ie an object 700 meters away will need to be fires at using the 600 meter marker.

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Please use the attached file to run tests. It provides targets at a known range from the player, and on level terrain. Give it a shot and see what your results are.

This ticket is a duplicate of

also be mindful that if you've altered the default field of view, it will throw off the scopes.

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Issue #6678 came later but has recieved more attention and contains more info. Therefore I'm closing this one.