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Random Offroad Textures are not synchron in MP mode
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The Offroad is using a random texture feature in ArmA 3. However this feature transmits to each client different vehicle colors.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Play a MP mission which has an Offroad included
  2. Play at least with 2-3 persons
  3. Ask everyone which color the Offroad has
Additional Information

If set the priority to high because although it is a minor feature, it is a very important feature to keep everything synchronous. You can't build missions right now having to "find a red car" or ingame you can't tell you mates to "check the buildings near the white offroad" because there's always confusion with the different colors.

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While syncing the color/style would be ideal, with some light scripting, you can force whatever color/style offroad you want on all clients using animate, setObjectTexture and BS_fnc_MP.

Yea, I would like for this to be fixed, we don't need differences for what different clients see because it only leads to problems and confusion.

Thanks, but I already knew that. I'm not sure if this is still a bug anyway as I've noticed this in the early alpha phase.

In the past few months our team didn't notice the issue anymore. It was probably gone with the introduction of setVehicleTextureGlobal. Ticket can be closed.

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