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Can't start game.
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My game will not start when I use the default steam icon. I've done a little googling and other suggested I add -nobenchmark and -noslash to a new desktop icon. I have added these but the game still doesn't start. I don't have gamebooster or that other program people are talking about.

I have no logs files as they are not generated, my directx is up to date, my graphic card software is up to date. Everything is up to date.

Here are my system specs if this helps:

Microsoft Windows 7 64bit SP1
AMD Athlon II X3 450
8.00GB Dual Channel DDR3
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series (7770 Card)
3TB Seagate Drive

I'm using AMD VISION Engine Control Center, which updates my graphics software automatically.

If you need anymore information please ask, I want to get this running. Thanks.


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Game Crash
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Start game, game doesn't start. Downloaded from Steam.

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I downloaded this from Steam, I don't use gamebooster or anything else like that.

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Have you tried restarting Steam? Also check the game cache...

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I have closed Steam and started it again, I've also checked the game cache. It came back fine. Game still doesn't start.

Note: I have ZoneAlarm but I disabled it when trying to start the game.

Check that the Steam ArmA III launcher options is a blank field, wrong values could prevent the game from starting...

Does the loading transparent GUI appear in the middle of the screen? Also check if the process actually starts...

Aucun added a comment.Mar 29 2013, 9:38 PM

No GUI shows up, steam launch options are blank and no process is running.

Are you using any Mods? Try opting in (or out) the Dev Build, and see if the game launches when the update is finished...

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Reinstall it, scan on viruses, kill your Anitirus/Firewall, change hardware... :)

Aucun added a comment.Mar 29 2013, 9:46 PM

I'm not changing my hardware, that's just silly. I'll try removing my firewall completely and re-installing. I'm not using any mods.

Try the Dev Build thing first...

How do I download the dev build from steam?

Just go in the game properties, reach the "Beta" tab and opt in via the drop down menu...

Still doesn't even start the process, with the dev option selected.

Then try uninstalling and reinstalling, I'm sorry but I have no more advice for you...

Can you try kill all unnecessary applications before start Arma 3?
Do you have still this issue after unninstall Zone Alarm?

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Closing due to lack of info/response.

If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket containing all relevant information.