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Auto elevation function missing.
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Auto elevation function missing.
pressing the designated "\" key does not Auto elevate the HMG or GMG weapons in Hunter or infrit, or speedboats.


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enter a vehicle with HMG or GMG turrets and press the designated auto elevation function key.

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auto elevation fucntion simply missing and does not elevate the gun to the targeted range.

on side note, manual auto elevation increments change to 200 meters after 400 meters, making the are of effect unpredictable at 500, 700, 900, and 1100 meters.

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yeha this realy sucks.. i try the steal the car scenario an position myself in a good spot uphill. The range says 900 meters but i find it incredible difficult to hit the target cars in their base because at 800 m i have to hold quite a bit up and at 1000m to hold alot down with losing my target in side... this needs adjustment.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

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