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Off road mirrors
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hiya just thought i would tell you not sure if you plan to change it or if you know about it but i would just like to point out that in say the hunter vehicle the mirrors and camera looking back are all perfect ! but the thing is when you get into the off road for civilians it starts to .. lag i thing is the word. not the game but the mirrors don't keep up with real time like the one in the hunter does (i have not looked at the mirrors in the ifrat yet btw) but yea if you could please fix that that would be great :D only because as much as i like fighting driving in arma3 is also very fun ahah


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get into drivers seat of hunter. drive and look at the mirrors (they should be running without any ''lag'') and then get into an off road civilian and drive and for me the mirrors kind of lag or don't run smoothly

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thanks in advance

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