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2 screens in one
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Whether an explosion or nighttime using NVG, rifles, or vehicles weapons when fired cause the screen to turn purple and another screen image appears in the upper right hand corner? Also when this happens textures seem to "slide" across the ground {F18533} {F18534} {F18535} {F18536}


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Set time to night and turn on nvg or thermals using vehicles weapons or rifles. When firing the screen turns purple and another image appears in the upper right hand corner. Update: this happens whenever shooting a rifle at night time whether I hae NVGS on or not.

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Using Win764bit I7-2600K w/ 16gb rams and a Nvidia GTX570

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Unable to reproduce.

Can you post a video or screenshot of this?

I think he is refering to this kind of problem

It happens in multiple occasions like alt-tabbing, switching on-off NVG and or Thermals and it's not reproducible everytime.. it seems to be randomly triggered somehow

I uploaded a photo. It only happens once it's dusk and night. Firing the Hunter HMG the same thing happens when I have NVG's on or I'm in exterior view. When white hot and black hot on it does not occur. If you'd like more pics I'd be more then happy to repoduce them for you and post!

The time of the image BTW was at 20:-, I didn't change the default minutes.

The last 3 images was from another test i did this evening. Night battle attacking rogain with nvgs. As soon as the firefight began all turns purple. if nvgs are off though its all fine. It only seems to turn purple when shooting at night with nvgs on. I had little birds in for support also and thats what kept the image purple was them firing. I removed them and still the same thing. I also went back and set all the settings to standard thinking that might be it but still same result.

Just seeing if you've had to time to re-explore this at all? I noticed now that it only happens in 3rd person with NVGS on or off. Anytime i'm in first person with nvgs on the glitch doesnt occur. Same with vehicles. When im outside the vehicle with nvgs on the glitch occurs or using the sight with nvgs on does evrything turn purple...Could this just be my GTX570?

Hey you can consider this solved. needed to update my drivers apparently. Thanks for the help!

So we are closing this iddue as no-bug.

Anyway thank you for reporting and keep ut the good work and help comuinty and developers to build better game for all.