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Remove the sounds of combat in the main menu
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I would like to request that the sounds of combat in the main menu could be removed/muted. It's a minor issue, but I've thought about that many times and surprisingly many people have mentioned the same issue.

To many people the main menu is a thing, that gets them to chill and "tune in" the game thanks to the graphics and especially the background music. This shouldn't be disturbed by the combat sounds in the background in my opinion.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch the game
  2. Wait some seconds in the main menu until the combat begins
  3. Become annoyed by the combat sounds disturbing your experience
Additional Information

Please let us enjoy from the wonderful auditory experience created apparently by the always awesome composer Ondřej Matějka!

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This seems to be fixed in current dev build! Thank you devs, it sounds so much better now :)

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Closing as fixed.