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Grainy shadows on gun
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Since the last update I noticed grains on the shadows on the red/green dot attachment. I still didn't notice it anywhere else because as soon as I noticed I reported. If I'm not mistaken the loading screen (with the picture of the map) also has some grains on the shadows. I will update in case I see it somewhere else.

All the setting were on high. I also made a video where I changed to ultra but the problem persists (I will upload the video and link it here later).

No video settings have been changed since the first release.

My GPU is a Radeon HD 5670.

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Also happens to some other attachments...

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still much better than solid black lines like comic book shadows.

I dont quite see the problem, it is most likely to do with the material of the sight, that it isn't a flat smoothed surface, which is why it is like that.

Also the shadows have been updated to have a grainy edge which helps make shadows look abit more softer, which I do prefer for higher objects though, like trees etc, and then objects near the ground like your characters shadow will appear harder.

If only they could apply the shadows, and hardness of the shadows based on distance properly, that would be nice.

I agree it's better than a flat black shape, but it's just not so real to look at those grains as a shadow...

need rework Normals map and Specular map...

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also shooting at those grainy shadows (on trees) produces bright spots on them:

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.