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When Spawning AI and Player included may spawn inside Rocks or other objects, vaulting results in major clipping issues.
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I have found that by vaulting or using the "V" key I am able to clip through walls, doors, and other objects. Also AI and player can spawn in objects causing in further progress to become almost impossible. I have a screen grab from when I spawned. {F18513}


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To see the issue first hand the best way is to play escape stratis and when you arrive to the helicopters locations there are several shipping crates. Odds are if you and your team are near them and die you spawn i them. I was able to use the "V" key to vault over and over until I managed to glitch out but the AI however got stuck so I had to glitch back in and kill them.

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This really needs fixed I spent an hour killing my stuck teamates in hopes that they would spawn safely.

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There are multiple tickets about getting stuck inside rocks, clipping through doors by vaulting etc.