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Add randomness to AI rate of fire
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Currently AI unit's rate of fire seems to be dictated by range, without any variations in fire rate (or burst length) at a given range. This rhythmical firing is noticeably "mechanical".

To make the AI appear a little more human, it would be good if their rate of fire (and burst length) varied slightly each time they fired.


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I already posted about part of this. I have been harping on the need for variable burst length and rate of fire since OFP:CWC. Maybe they will listen to you.

Yes needed! Small tweaks like that could enhance immersion significantly.

You can break up the AI shooting randomly with something like :

while {true} do {

		if (random 1 > 0.83) then {
			_x setCombatMode "YELLOW";
		} else {
			_x setCombatMode "BLUE";

} foreach allunits;
sleep 1;

This would lower the rate of fire overall by making pauses between bursts and shots.

^^ the above can be seen as a workaround, but this should be definitely native.

I would see logical to have the fire rate tied to an expectation of sucessful hit on target which can relate with nearTargets returned value position accuracy. Or with a supression order from the leader of group.

Related Arma 3 dev build change log:

EXE rev. 128957 (game)
Added: AI rate of fire randomization (new parameter aiRateOfFireDispersion)

ceeeb added a comment.Dec 5 2015, 4:38 AM

Tested again in 1.54.

Infantry show good variation in time between burst of shots, but vehicles still show no very little variation.

I can not see any obvious variation in burst length.

ceeeb added a comment.May 21 2017, 4:04 AM

No change in 1.70.141764.

Infantry show good variation in time between burst of shots, but vehicles show no variation.
No obvious variation in burst length for either infantry or vehicles.