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Add Kinect Support for IR Tracking
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If its possible could you make it so that the Kinect can be used for IR tracking in-game.

I think it would be a big accomplishment for the game, and I know alot of people that have a Kinect lying around with literally almost no use to them.

I know this could possibly be an impossible task but I'd like to believe it could be done, even if its not available with the Alpha or Beta maybe for the full release.

Thanks Agenttru627


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I don't think it would be possible to get the Kinect working with a PC game for any reason, it's an xbox peripheral coded for the xbox to work with games programmed to use it and the xobx. But there is a peripheral already built for that purpose, works better than the kinect ever could, and works with arma 2 already so it wil work for arma 3 if it doesn't already. It's called TrackIR by Natural point.

This feature is in no way urgent.

It could probably be possible to do something like that since the Kinect has a PC SDK, however this kind of feature would require a lot of work and is not the kind of thing you ask at the alpha stage. I also have doubts about the results you could get with a kinect, the device is made to work at greater distances than the one of a user in front of his PC (typically 1m-10m instead of the 30cm-1m you would get on a PC). Specific devices are being developped for this usage like LeapMotion.

The idea is good but it's more of a hack than a feature that needs to be implemented, it could however be implemented as a mod and i'd love to try it.

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I am using FreeTrackNoir with my webcam, and it works ok. Why would you need a kinect interface, when arma already provides support for TrackIR and FreeTrackNoir??
Doesn't make any sense.

by the way, I have a feeling that freetrack works a lot better with arma 3 than it did with arma 2. Maybe it is because of some FreeTrack update, I don't know.

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