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Most pistols work reliably underwater.
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Almost all revolvers and most semiauto pistols work underwater. I think this would a nice feature. Also 5.56mm rounds should still do damage fired underwater out to some range.


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on the 5.56mm note, fire regular 5.56mm rounds at someone under water. They will not be harmed even though blood comes out.

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you would have to get close for the rounds to do damage with regular weapons but they should still work.


Water is "bulletproof" when firing from outside to inside.
Also firing a non-underwater gun while submerged could lead to weapon malfunction (at best) or even weapon blowup (at worst) and "standard" bullets wouldn't go further than maybe a couple of meters, reason that lead to the underwater guns and ammo creations

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I under stand that. But if your a diver in underwater combat and you run out of UW ammo. Your effectively dead. I figure if you could pull out your standard pistol, get right up close, and shoot them and it actually do something.

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