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When a squad leader says "Disembark", it kicks me out of any stopped vehicle. Where is the choice?!?
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Every time i get in a vehicle because i want to do a mission my way, and a squad leader says "disembark" -- i should have the CHOICE as to whether or not i want to obey this order. None of the other orders are enforced, why this one??

Let me drive the jeep off a cliff if i want to. I'm the one playing. yes. this is a feature of arma 2 as well, and not a but. but it makes no sense.


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play coop arma 3 "headhunters"...dont be the leader. try to get in a vehicle.

if he says disembark at you, it will happen once you're stopped.

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Thats how chain of command works. If you are a subordinate, you follow your squad leader's commands.


Your C.O. shouldn't have mind-control over your body.

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But make your commander shoot you it you ignore them too much,haha~

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yeah i think there should be a delay before you get imidiately kicked but the kicking part should still eventually come

Yeah this always happened in the Domi servers on ArmA 2, would really like to see that disabled for player units (it is used for trolling).

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That's why he is called the squad leader. He gives orders, and you follow. It it were me in that position, I'd shoot you for insubordination, and make the paperwork afterwards.

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You don't want a reprimand by Colonel Blake don't you? :)

The problem still exists in the DEV branch.

Some additionnal info (like "move as driver") in my duplicate ticket :

You follow orders, but you're not a mahcine, this indeed should be fixed. +1

Sometimes the AI goes full fucking retard, too. They tell you to get in the vehicle and immediately force you out. Then they just repeat it over and over and over. FFS it's like autism simulator. Bohemia fix this bullshit.

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bad idea, group leaders control grunts, grunts do as groupleader says, its better to have a group leader order you to get out of a vehicle if he doesnt want you in it, rather than an admin kick you off the server.

if you dont want teamplay, player single player

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I think its a good idea, especially in coop multiplayer servers where as people who are afk. The FTL can kick em out at the correct LZ. So when they get back 20 seconds later, the arent at the wrong LZ or heading back to base.