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Too many things counts as SIDE: Civilian. Really ruins the point of "isKindOf" command.
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I have created a quick mission to see if my idea of concept works.

I have rectangle markers fitting into the 500x500 grid. Each marker change colour appropriately to visualize areas that are occupied by certain sides.

If the OpFor are occupying a trigger, the markers surrounding the trigger change to red. If the Civilians or Opfor are occupying the trigger then it changes to blue. If amount of Blufor and/or Civilians equal to that of the enemy, it changes to Orange. If noone is occupying the trigger the markers are default.

Well I have the system up and running, working perfectly except that to count the Civilians messes it all up.

There are no civilians placed on the map, only Blufor and Opfor and when the script updates itself the Civilian count increases when there are no civilians on the map.

So i've been trying to use the isKindOf command, and it is not doing anything.

Please look at the mission I have uploaded, tweak the scripts if need be.

My request is for everything Civilian to actually be seperate.

Civilians should be:
(And when used with isKindOf "Man" for example, it will only count units that are men, whose's side == Civilian.)

everything else should be in their own such as

  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Props {F18505}


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duplicate of #0005765

Ah I hadn't found that one when searching, I must have used the wrong keywords. I uploaded the mission here, I will upload it to the other one too.

As ceeeb says, this is a duplicate of #5765 so I will close this ticket.

When it comes to searching, it sucks, we're aware of it. One thing you can try in the future is to search using Google:
<i> side civilian</i>