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white edges on trees and grass when ATOC enabled
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This just recently happened, I just recently switched to the stable alpha, from development build due to new updated stable build, only to find that now when I enable the ATOC, the alpha to coverage on trees and grass has a white line around the edges.

At first thought it could be graphical settings, but then running ARMA2 with ATOC enabled I dont have this, so it is definately related to ARMA3 from what I can tell.

See attached screens. {F18499} {F18500} {F18501}


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PC specs:
Asus P8Z77-M Pro
8Gb DDR3 ram
Intel i5 3570K
Nvidia GTX660 (non-Ti)

Start up ArmA3 and load any showcase, enable AA and ATOC (any of the available ATOC options).

Might count to try switching from dev build to stable alpha

Additional Information

Might be related to switching from Dev build to stable build, though re-downloading ArmA 3 will be a pain, as the SeaCom cabling in the indian ocean has been damaged and my internet connection is horrifically slow and will take me days to download. Might only try that in a weeks time, but just to find out if anyone else is experiencing this, maybe it is a bug?

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By the way I am running settings on ULTRA, except AA tuned down to 2x, resolution is 1080p.

Use to work just fine before, so not sure if it is related to new update or because I switched from dev build to alpha.

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Yes thanks DimasL,

Turns out I filtered Al"F"a to coverage, and found nothing in results..

silly me -_-

All right so I read through 618, found out it is the super-sampling under AA transparancy. Changing back to mmulti-sample did work. Funny though as it worked fine with ArmA2, figured the ATOC in A3 was the same as A2, so it had to be the game, or an update.

Guess the game does not properly support SSAA, or Nvidia needs to correct it?

Well my case is resolved, this one may be closed =)

Sorry for the post.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as duplicate.

You can monitor this issue's progress here #618