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This is not a bug, but more of a complaint when comparing to previous Arma releases.
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I can understand how civilians would run out of breath really quick, but soldiers have been trained thoroughly in running for long distances with lots of equipment, and I seem to run out of breath very fast. There are too many stances, and it's becoming a novelty to have to teach other gamers how to change stances because a lot of them come from Battlefield series of games, and are not used to so many keyboard controls. In Arma 1 I could shoot with a better degree of accuracy in the standing or sitting position, but now, the only way I can get a decent kill, is if I'm in the sitting stance. I seem to always get killed when trying to shoot at an enemy from the standing position, because of weapon recoil, and weapon sway. Most real life soldiers can shoot from any position with more of a degree of accuracy than what I've experienced in Arma 3. Please tweak these values, so players won't get killed trying to shoot easy targets, due to crouch limitations.


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Peck added a comment.Mar 27 2013, 9:44 PM

Sorry Harold, but nothing you've described here is a bug; as you yourself freely admit. The purpose of this feedback tracker is for bug and glitch reporting and feature request for content extremely pertinent to enhance simulation. I suggest you look at Bohemia's forums to discuss the merits of your point; my two cents are that weapon accuracy gets better the lower your centre of gravity as you're more stable and better able to absorb recoil, obviously weapon mounting plays a huge part in this also.

This is a simulator, not a FPS and actions available aim to be realistic. If people truly are struggling with the key bindings, they may want to stick to a more basic style of play (prone, crouch, stand) but they would need to accept the limitation that comes with it.

This should be on a forum and the ticket closed

oukej added a comment.Apr 1 2013, 12:31 PM

Duplicate of issues regarding fatique, weapon sway, weapon recoil and adjusted stance feature.

Please proceed according to "HOW TO GUIDE" in the top right corner when submitting a report. (Search for duplicates before posting. Only one report per specific issue. Try to be as brief and descriptive as possible in the summary field. And if possible it is very important to provide precise reproduction steps.)

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