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Unable to turn off Quad Engine
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If you mount an Quad, you get the Options to Turn of the Engine. This works, but on Ejecting either by using the Context Menu or pressing V twice, the Engine starts aggain.


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Enter Quad
Stop the Engine via Context Menu (i am using the Mouse wheel)
Eject the Quad, either by using the Context Menu or pressing V twice.

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Everything is fine with it. When you eject it means you need to runaway immediately (under sudden attack for example). When you get out the egine turns off. If you git joystick it can also be the problem as the stick leans forward. Had the same problem on OA.

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Sorry to recap, but thats not "fine". Im sitting the Drivers seat, i use the Context Menu to turn of the Engine, i use the Context MEnu to get out of the Vehicle. And exactly the moment i step out of it, the Engine starts aggain.

Why could that be intended? To make even more noise and have an running Vehicle wich consumes Gasoline whilst noone uses it? Every other Vehicle stays off until you hop in it and get going. Just the Quad decided right after last patch to start the engine even when noone is in it anymore and the last Driver decided to turn it off.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

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Unable to reproduce in latest dev build. Consider fixed.