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Should be able to choose wich savegame file to use when you resume a MP game
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Currently the game resumes using the latest savegame but it would be better if you get a list of savegame files for the CO-OP/Multiplayer mission and be able to choose one when you resume.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Play a MP/COOP mission where usersaves and autosaves are allowed
  • Create a savegame during MP gameplay
  • Exit the mission (another savegame is created, if autosave is enabled)
  • Click RESUME
  • Last savegame is loaded without question

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This is extremely frustrating! Last night again after me and my friend had to stop our campaign after both dying we had to click on suspend because there is not quit to main menu option. Which meant that our user save becomes useless due to the game always choosing the latest save when resuming. This effectively broke our game because it is loading the suspend ( where we are both dead. :-(

Only way to get past this is to delete the continue save file in which case the game word normally load the user save but this is not a solution.

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Yes it is!

Resume the mission. Something goes wrong. Unable to reload the save game, because there is no option. You can choose "Save and Exit" option or Alt+F4(to skip saving). If you "Save and Exit" from the game it will create "continue" save game. Which will the game load on the resume mission.

Only workaround is to Alt+Tab into windows and delete "continue" save game and rename old save game to "continue".

I wonder how beginner players do this.