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Vehicle gunner optics have no compass
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Its hard to know where to fire when team mates call out a direction to the gunner. As of now we have to exit the gunner optics and check compass with K.

Im sure this will be implemented as we had it in all ARMA games and OFP, but would be very useful as soon as possible to make the vehicle combat better and less confusing.


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Get in a combat vehicle. Sit in gunner position and look through the gunner optics (num0). There is no compass telling us the bearing to the target.

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this is not even possible in ARMA 2. for a reason.
you cannot look through an optic and simultanously look at your compass.
I agree that there needs to be something for an accurate Target selection.

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Thats one of the reasons why Tanks and APCs have a Commander.

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Wouldn't the gunsight have a digital bearing indicator?

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Duplicate of #568.