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Immediate Server crash after "stable" hotfix
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After the grenade throwing hotfix for the stable build, the server process won't come up at all anymore.


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Unable To Duplicate
Steps To Reproduce

Start arma3.exe with server option => Immediate crash

Additional Information


  A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

Problem signature:

  Problem Event Name:	AppHangB1
  Application Name:	arma3.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:	5151a2b6
  Hang Signature:	fdb2
  Hang Type:	0
  OS Version:	6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:	1033
  Additional Hang Signature 1:	fdb244b7fcb509e315441405e7a29a61
  Additional Hang Signature 2:	f1c6
  Additional Hang Signature 3:	f1c609c916af062e6bc4d2d9d20a48c7
  Additional Hang Signature 4:	fdb2
  Additional Hang Signature 5:	fdb244b7fcb509e315441405e7a29a61
  Additional Hang Signature 6:	f1c6
  Additional Hang Signature 7:	f1c609c916af062e6bc4d2d9d20a48c7

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"C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3.exe" -server "-BEpath=C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha" -cfg=c:\Arma\arma3.cfg -config=c:\Arma\server_public.cfg -name=Tier1ops

Exe timestamp: 2013/03/26 17:04:51
Current time: 2013/03/26 17:26:07

Type: Public Alpha
Branch: Stable

Version: 0.52.103507

Item STR_DISP_OPT_DISABLED listed twice
Item STR_WORD_DIST100 listed twice
Item STR_WORD_DIST1000 listed twice
Item STR_WORD_DIST200 listed twice
Item STR_WORD_DIST500 listed twice
Item STR_WORD_DIST2000 listed twice

Can you give us those configs to help reproduce the problem? Do you have any crash dumps (.bidmp or .mdmp files)? Whole rpt and log would be useful as well.

Can't reproduce anymore. Hence I can't give you any crashlogs and I see this as resolved. Don't know what was going on there.

Upon the first startups the process just stopped responding after 5 minutes or such. Now it boots up normally. Don't know what happend there and can't give any more intel.

Others have reported, that there was no issue at all, so I see this as an anomaly and it's all good. So this ticket is obsolete. Sorry for the fuzz.

Glad to hear that :).

False alarm it seems.