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Helmet-mounted flashlights.
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I noticed that the NATO soldiers wear Surefire helmet lights on their headgear. However, it is unfortunate that these are only for show, and not functional.

Therefore, I am requesting that the developers add fully-functioning helmet-mounted flashlights in game.


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1.) Look at the helmets on the NATO soldiers in-game.
2.) Note the presence of helmet lights.
3.) Note the lack of helmet light functionality.

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Adding functioning helmet lights can also inadvertently solve the dilemma of choosing a laser vs. a flashlight, by allowing the player to have access to both a laser pointer and a flashlight at the same time.

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If I recall correctly this was already confirmed; the helmet will have multiple attachment slots and several items to place there (camera, flashlight, etc.)

In case this is/was rejected in the meantime.. add it again ;)


I can be done, it was done for some WIP progress units for arma 2 that i was working with but we came up with the problem of not being able to turn them off.

Thanks, Scarecrow.

Thanks for all the up-votes, guys. Hopefully this gets implemented into the game.

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Upvoted, this would be VERY cool. But first they need to fix the lighting discrepancies between clients when flashlights are involved.

See issue:

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It should obviously be implemented as new key bind, such as ctrl+L to allow the present "light ON/OFF" bind to be used for the weapon's attachment separately.

I'd rather not automatically enable my helmet flashlight when attempting to use the IR beam on my gun.

XSnipa, good point.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

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Princeton Tech helmet lights ftw.

I really wanna start seeing missions like looking throughout a dark building for intelligence, thus making you use lights, rather than having lights be just a gimmick.

this gonna be sweeeeeeeet

Indeed, tyl3r. Indeed! :-)

And there should be one for divers as well.

Also would allow usage of flashlights while in safe mode (weapon down).

+1 it will be nice and the dilemma of light vs laser is in fact an issue, the tactical laser pod that we have in the game is, in real life a system that include laser IR + visible laser + flashlight + IR flashlight, it just (again) a leak of feature, like left + right attachments possibility.
I don't dream (i don't expect anymore to see much more feature in Arma 3 now, it is full of leak of feature and restriction), it will be "nice" if we can get a single flashlight model with a single mode, but several mode will be nice and useful, also the IR spot/strobe that permit FOE identification is needed.

Any way of changing between flashlight/Laser? Because this feature would be really useful.+1

So it's been over a year. Any news?

I have a ticket suggesting that weapon lights and lasers be treated as optics and not as standalone devices. I believe that would compliment this implementation nicely.

For what it's worth; MIL and LE doctrines often stipulate weaponlights are used exclusively for target illumination and never for searching at night as it creates an environment ripe for negligent discharges. Either a handheld light or headlamp or both are always issued.

This is a very good point since the only helmets that have those are the Light Combat Helmet and the Enhanced Combat Helmet, meaning recon AI would have it and more heavily armored NATO soldiers would as well, making sense in both fields really. And on multiplayer it would make you pick either a lighter helmet than what you may have for the light or make the heavier helmet that much more valuable as at the moment CSAT helmets have the lead in usefulness hands down.

Also the function ability of the flashlight being on a strobe mode