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Step over limitations
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The stepping over command should only be functional when you are next to something that needs to be stepped over. It looks silly when it happens in a clearing, and can lead to a miss key in a critical situation which can be quite frustrating.

Having it so you can step over nothing in an open clearing not only makes the game feel more clunky, look silly or result in an un-needed death, it would eliminate the glitch of stepping over something longer than the width of a fence and becoming stuck.


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Step over nothing, and the animation plays.

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Interesting idea. How about an action that shows up on low walls, in the scroll menu? Like with house doors and embarking on vehicles?

That's not a bad idea either as long as it pops up as the first most immediate action (like how opening a door does) on that menu so you can just action key it.

Anybody else?

This will suck worse because it will make it so you have to be facing the object perfectly for the icon to appear, or it will limit how many objects are vault-able. What i think is you should just pay attention when you are hitting buttons. A person shooting at nothing also looks stupid! Think about it. This is a waste of time!

Its really not that hard to program in objects that are step over able into the game... Considering they are adding climbing walls as an option soon, that's going to have to be programmed in. As it is you can attempt to step over something and become stuck, and having it so only the right areas you can vault would make more sense.

And no, you wouldn't have to look directly at the object to vault.. Its easy to program in it that when you are up against it and looking over the object, you have to be doing that anyways to vault properly.

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