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AI driving needs improvement
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We were playing Escape from Stratis and the enemy AI continually drove over the top of the square barricades like the ones in the editor you can place. The barricade was in an "L" shape and still the AI were too stupid to drive away. They would drive forward and get the front tires stuck off the ground. Finally after freeing themselves they would drive backwards and get their back wills stick off the ground until finally they ended up high sided on top of the barricade stuck permanently. We killed the guys inside and could access the cargo while standing below but could not get in. {F18448} {F18449}


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AI needs ALOT of work in MANY key areas. Driving is just 1 of them.

I uploaded 2 repro missions: DriveBug01 & DriveBug02. They don't include any place-able objects , but demonstrate some problems with the map in general.

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