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Back Pack Problems in Multi Player
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I was playing multi player and we were going thru all the ammo crates. I was learning the back packs and set my back pack down. My mate picked it up. only I could still see it laying on the ground. But he said he picked it up so I went and picked it up. Then we had the same back pack literally. He was in one crate and I was in another. Everything he picked out of the crate was loading into my back pack which was on my back and vise verse. Everything I picked up or dropped from the back pack he could see being added or removed in his back pack on his back.


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It's related to the inability to pickup clothes and vests from crates.
Clients don't stream what they take from crates when it comes to clothes and vests (the same applies to the ground if you are not the host).

Actally the only way to fix it while waiting for an official fix is to use a virtual ammobox script (there should be some on

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Closing due to lack of activity in over five months. If this issue is still reproducable for you, please create a new ticket for it or ask for this one to be re-opened.