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Vehicles steering more realistic
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As of now when using mouse the way the steering wheel works is the opposite of how every other game does it. Its easy at steering wheel center and heavy when steering further left or right.

It should be heavier at center and easier the more you steer. This because when at fast speeds (which we can reach in ARMA3) you wont have an easy steering center that can make you oversteer too easily, and therefor you can make much finer movements which is needed when going fast. This is standard in any well done game with cars.

This is alpha, but please look into it.
ARMA2 before its steering update had it perfect in this particular regard.


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Get into a vehicle and notice the steering wheel is easy to steer when its near center and gets heavier as you try to steer more.

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I will have to downvote, in the 30' Ford made a change into the steering of the cars using the hydraulic assistance (or something named like that) that made the steering wheel far more lighter and easier to use, i think there will be another one close to the 2035 that will make steering in cars far more easy than nowdays.

Dont check on ArmA 3 units using nowdays standar, ArmA 3 is set 20 years more in the future, remember that.

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Thanks for input. I don't mean to add a "heavy" steering. In fact I also want easier steering. But most games already have what I ticketed. When your driving fast the center of steeringwheel should be "heavier" than towards the outer regions of steering as it will keep you less prone to do too much steering, and make it easier when you do need to steer heavily like making u-turns etc.

Right now its easy at middle and heavy in the corners making me moving my mouse outside my mouse mat to steer a lot and making speeding hard to control as its too sensitive. ARMA always had it correct until an update before ARMA3.

EDIT: When using mouse it would be very nice to have the same type of steering as in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Just like moving your mouse pointer on the screen and stop the mouse stays where you left it. Apply to the steering and you can follow corners very easily and it would simulate having your hands on the steering wheel perfectly.

The auto centering is only needed when using keyboard since otherwise you would have to tap twice as much, but with a mouse it would be very easy to control the vehicles with the same mechanics as in the above game, and no need to keep dragging the mouse left or right all the time during a turn. Just move the mouse (turn the wheel in game) and leave it during the duration of the turn.

Right now steering with mouse feels off. Too much work and too heavy. Feels unnatural.

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Closing due to lack of activity in over five months. If the issue is still valid, please create a new ticket for it.