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Action icon for "Rearm" is the same as for "Take weapon"
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When you approach a dead soldier you get, depending if he has compatible ammo to your weapon a "Rearm" default action or if you walk to his dropped weapon a "Take <weapon name>" default action.

Both share the same action icon, so you might get surprised by changing your weapon instead of rearming.

The action icon for "Rearm" and "Take <weapon>" should be different and recognizable for the one or the other action.


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Approach any dead soldier; you either see the action icon

  • for "Rearm", if he has compatible ammo to your equipped weapon
  • for "Take <weapon>" if you stand next to his (dropped) weapon

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Actually, if you scroll the wheel (or cycle actions with keyboard for that matter), then you'll see that in fact it says "Take <weapon XYmm>", not "Rearm".

The problem is, I think, that the action icon for "Rearm" and "Take weapon" is the same.

Do you agree, if I change your ticket accordingly, and suggest to differentiate the action icon between "Take weapon" and "Rearm"?

Yes I have tested again and agree with you. The confusion came in with the icons and the exchange weapon icon being the default.
Please change as per your suggestion.

I also think the rearm icon must then be the default shown if the dead soldier or container has ammo compatible with the players gun otherwise it must show the weapon swap icon.

Resolved in latest build I tried. Weee :-)

Mass close.