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zoom in, aim, it zooms out 0.53
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when you zoom in to see something clearer, then you spot something and you aim with your reflex sight ( 1x magnification ) it zooms you out automatically.
I do that since operation flashpoint.


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  1. Press +(default) to zoom in
  2. Press 0(default) for optics
  3. The gun zooms you out and in again needlessly, it could stay zoomed in.
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This occurs only when you press + (Zoom in).

Holding RMB and switching to optics works fine

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Hmmm. It's hard to come up with a concise title for this problem, but I know what you mean. This wasn't a problem in ArmA 2, so I don't think it will last long, although I haven't seen much talk about it.

It could be simulating reacquiring your target.

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Repro and additional info modified for clarity.

This issue was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

+1: I think, this is very important. Personally I use very often "full zoom out" and "full zoom in" when I walk as soldier through landscape and city. Whenever I then toggle from "full zoom in" to "optics view", I'm absolutly annoyed about this problem.

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duplicate of #2907.
related to #2905.

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well, that is correct.

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