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Game crashes frequently after 25/3/2013 update
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I have joined couple of servers today and got game crashes rather quickly(1-5 minutes). {F18432} {F18433}


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There are no precise steps for this i could take.

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crash dump reports :

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I've edited the description to be a bit more descriptive.

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Looks like the same crash as I am getting, the fault codes are the same.
Only thing I can see different is the registers, but I have no idea what they mean anyway.

My issue ID 0006061

Edit: I found a rpt file from Version 0.5.102571 which appears to be the same crash and have attached it to your issue with filename 'arma3 v0.5.102571 rpt.rar'

teaCup added a subscriber: teaCup.May 7 2016, 1:07 PM

Probably same issue as ticket 5920, if you're using Stable and not Dev. It's not just the servers, clients also crash like crazy after the March 25 patch to Stable.

Sorry for closing. It looked very similar like other reports.

It should be fixed in revision 103957.

Mass close.