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Voice and text chat groups
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I would like to submit a suggestion to tweak the chat groups while on multi-player servers. It gets cumbersome to try and organize the team when each chat group links pretty much to the next and you have everyone trying to speak out at once... Here is my recommendation for each chat group:

Command Chat - This should be between the Team Leader and Group Leaders only. Everyone can hear everyone in command chat and its essentially another Side Chat as is.

Side Chat - This is nice to have around to communicate with the entire team but at the same time this is the major reason chatter gets so cluttered in games. Perhaps this should be text only by default, and the server admins can change if they want voice in there or not.

Global Chat - Should be text only. Having voice chat for the entire server only encourages drama to kick up, and I'm sure we have seen the results of this several times already.

Direct chat - Works fine as is.

Vehicle chat - Works fine as is.

Group chat - Works fine as is.

The ability for the player to mute certain chat groups would be a great idea to have as well. Say someone could mute side chat if there is excessive chatter going on there so they can focus more on their group and command chat groups.


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I also wanted to mention that by limiting the team from overcommunicating, and limiting Command chat to only the Team Leader and Group Leaders, it will force people to play as a team and work together as they will have to communicate with the commander in order to see what the bigger picture is, making it more like a real combat situation, not just everyone able to talk to anybody.

I would like to see customizable text messages.

This way, little time is spent writing and re-writing a more complex message, messages that has to be repeated over and over again for some reason or another.