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Drag and drop inventory in the editor
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It would be really nice and convenient if you guys would create a drag and drop inventory box in the editor for units, crates vehicles and back packs. This same dialog is already created in the game but if you created it in the editor where you could drag from the library to the unit, crate, Vehicle etc, and vise verse, it would be so much quicker to create custom load outs than the current system.


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I couldn't agree more. Just drag and drop what you want into the editor instead of trying to learn and remember all the code that's necessary to accomplish the same task. You could empty and fill ammo crates, change a man's armament, etc, etc and this would be a monumental step forward for those who want to edit and create. Maybe not so valuable for those guru's who have already memorized the code, but very valuable for those of us who want to create but haven't learned it or can't take the time.

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