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Stuck in optics after revert if mission saved while holding "optics temp" key
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I was playing the single player "scuba" mission. I use the "optics temporary" command on my right mouse button. Just after destroying the helicopter, the boat out in the bay killed me while I was still looking thru my scope. Well the game had auto saved and when I reverted, I was stuck in the scope and pressing RMB caused me to remove the scope temporarily until releasing RMB causing be to go back to the scope. A reverse of the normal effect. {F18417}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Hold down the "optics temporary" key while the mission is saving.
  2. Revert to the saved mission status.
  3. Optics will still be active. Pressing the optics temp key will only temporary remove the optics view. (Functionality inverted.)

Also try out the attached repro mission.

Additional Information

Pressing the optics mode (toggle) key will remove the effect.

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Bug reproduced and confirmed. Repro mission attached and steps to reproduce added.

Also updated title for clarity and set to approved.

No longer reproducable in latest dev build. Optics mode can be exited by clicking the button once.