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Flight Capability
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I know that it may be a little change in my eyes, but a huge one in yours.
I wonder if it is at all possible to ease the controls for flying aircraft, I know that this is mainly a simulation but flying does take on a problem for most players as it is very difficult to control, if only flying could be just like (dare I say it?) Battlefield 3, ease of use and easy for beginners (Such as myself).


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keep trying to perform with these ... I did well with a mouse after a few hours ... think that the chopper is like a jet in BF3 ... the tail rotor is not suppose to guide while you are over 100 km/h so you have to to turn similar like a plane in BF3 (tryed both so i know what i'm saying ...)

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I'm not seeing an actual feature request or bug report in here. "Make flying easier" is not something the devs can work with.