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Incorrect Bullet Dimensions
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I believe on all of the MX series guns, the label on both sides of the guns is incorrect. It's labeled on the gun that it uses 6.5 x 38mm bullets, but I believe it should be 6.5 x 39mm. When hovering over those weapons in the inventory though, it is correctly written that it uses 6.5 x 39mm bullets..

Those are the mistakes I have found in regards to the incorrect bullet labels, but I'd review any other guns and their inventory descriptions to make sure they are consistent. {F18408} {F18409}


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Look on both sides of the MX series guns, which shows the incorrect dimensions. Then look at the correct dimensions on the description of it in your inventory by hovering over the item.

Additional Information

The pictures shows on the gun where the mistakes on bullet dimensions are.

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