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Arma 3 - Tank " Stance" DIG down
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I really want a feature in Arma 3 for the tanks to do a " DigDown"

Dig the tank into the ground for cover"

This will make it better for the tank drivers to hide from enemy airplane and get better protection!.

Also!, maybe a CAMO tent that could be possible to set up over the tank {F18402} {F18403} {F18404}


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This can only really be achieved IF the tank has a blade fitted OR if there are engineers tractors near with blades fitted, otherwise it’s a huge undertaking to hand dig a hole big enough for a tank with just a tank crew, you would need a couple of days with just 3 or 4 people from a tank crew!

Also newly dug emplacements can be quite barren when viewed from above unless constructed by a highly skilled machine operator where time has been permitted to do so rather than it being a quick defensive measure in the context you are proposing.

In such a case you would do better to employ the terrain and vegetation to your advantage.