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Helicopter Pilot - Let pilot Lean left\right to see landing ground.(Non TrackIR player landing visibilty issue)
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Approaching LZ from front you will find difficult to see ground. In real condition pilot at right seat would lean right to see more ground at front of the helicopter nose and vice versa on left. I suggest to let pilot move head to side window to be able see what is going on below\at front of the nose by the side window and window under the foot.


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This should include:
Head camera movement kind of lean left\right without turning.

Additional animation of pilot leaning right\left body from hips to head for "stick to side window his head".

Additional keybinds for stance change:
i suggest same combination as for soldiers on foot: Ctrl-A, Ctrl+D as default

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It would be great, right now is landing on specific spot trivial in third-person camera mode and very difficult when using first-person camera. This could really help.

I think you can already do that.
In the VIEW commands option menu you can assign keys / keycombos to lean left and/or right like if you had a TrackIR (not sure if it's what you need, i didn't try it)

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Already a feature in game. See the multiple tickets complaining that LCtrl (stance adjust) still functions in vehicles.

@Fuse; currently it's not a feature, but a bug...

See this issue:

The biggest problem is when you rebind your keys for flying with LCTRL (in most cases to 'decrease collective') which is also the Stance key, you won't be able fly normally anymore...

I do support this feature, but does require some other fixes/changes before it works. (eg. ability to rebind ALL keys, no more input locks, etc.)

That's a bug with people ;)

The LCTRL key is bound to the view modifiers to simulate TrackIR (LCTRL+E / LCTRL+Q and so on).
Unbind that and you don't have the ""bug"" anymore ...

This is bothering me since A2. +1

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