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Latest update has caused a problem...
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I created a mission in version 0.5.102571
Today ARMA 3 updated to 0.52.103279

Now my mission wont load in the game or the editor.
I get the message...

You cannot play/edit this mission; it is
dependent on downloadable content that has
been deleted.A3_Soft_F_Galkin

Any ideas please?...


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Just open the mission.sqm with a text editor, and replace Galkin with Ifrit.
This is not actually a "problem", let alone an immediate major one.

It's not a bug, it's an on-purpose name modification (also declared here )

Just replace the old A3_Soft_F_Galkin to O_Ifrit_F in your mission.sqm file and you're good to go.

Still getting the same message unfortunately...
Could you write down the exact full name please? so I can copy & paste it in.

Thanks for your help :-)

sorted it, didn't realise there we're so many :-)
How the hell would your average gamer have known to do that?!?!?

Thanks again!

Solved - closing.