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ArmA3 feels like copy of BF3
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I have been a fan of this game since OFP first hour. Have been a member of my Clan since 2004 with over houndred of members since this time now 41 active and loyal to Bis since then. I know its just a Alpha version and not finished but the gameplay sucks big. The graphics are amazing also the editor is much better the movements are ok but its not anymore like arma as we know it. I talked to a lot of members and players they all say the same now it feels like a cheap copie of BF3 kind of game. The Crosshair sucks we want the old one back pz the recoil is to much, even ifs more realistic or not. I've never shoot a real gun and I also do not care I loved the game like it was. i just expect bit a better graphics what you did more that expacted really amazing and some more possabilities what you did as well. If I would like to play BF3 I would properly buy it not playing ArmA anymore. I personally don't even liked the future stuff but I needed to follow it as i had no choice Because im a Armaholic.


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Pz Pz Pz give us back the old Crosshair back and reduse the recoil.

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Are you really comparing this piece of art with BF3 because the crosshair !??! Really ???!!
And the recoil is fine... The diference between A3 and A2 is that in A2 the gun will recover automatically from recoil, in Arma 3 you have to compensate with mouse.

If i could downvote this issue 100000000 times i would ...

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I just broke my face, palming it so hard. Thanks alot.

you cant compare the two. they are entirely different. i have played BF3 and this alpha. they are no where near the same. the amount of options in this ALPHA are much more than in Battlefield. They are two entirely different games/play styles.

Why won't it let me down vote this little kid's issue so it doesn't waste the Dev team's valuable time?

Thank you for your feedback, but as with all other logged tickets, one issue per ticket please. Your complains are about crosshair and excessive recoil, both of those were already reported, in #1290 and #599 respectively. As such, I will close this ticket as a duplicate.