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VOIP inclusiveness
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I would like to see a VOIP squad system similar to Project Reality for Battlefield 2. It used the same system as Vanilla but worked well with a 'realism' community and the fact everyone was expected to have a mic.

The reasons for this are:

  1. Players found it really easy to start a squad with a name for what asset or role the squad was going to undertake e.g. 'APC' 'VOIP TW' 'MBT' so there would be no confusion or squabbling over vehicles and such.
  1. There is a distinct lack of certain players using their mics with the current system. Particularly Europeans who could speak perfectly clearly but choose not to do so because of the charisma gap that comes with slightly broken english, also young people with higher pitched voices, shy people etc.

For some reason in BF2 PR's VOIP system, I could start a squad and every squad member would speak up no matter what and they would all have their say. I believe this is from the distortion that came from the VOIP 'homogenizing' the sound of people's voices and the fact that it was small tightly knit squads.

Teamspeak seems to favor clans and the banding together of people from the same country/internet community or whatever. This leads to people taking the mickey out of the aforementioned outsiders.

The PR system could let anybody jump in and take up a role and get everyone talking just fine. You didn't have to establish a rapport or go through some elite tactical initiation process evaluating if you had the necessary levels of 'serious fun'.

Insular gaming clans where everyone knows everyone is fine. But we shouldn't be made to choose between them or basically lonewolfing with scarce VOIP chatter. Lets not kid ourselves, this is the kind of game that attracts not very social people, so why not cater to them?


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So basically the suggestion is to add some background noise such as distortion effects to better simulate radios ?

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No, that is not basically the suggestion. I can't pinpoint exactly why it worked but something about the PR system allowed for better teamwork among pubbies.

Players of Project Reality BF2 would be better able to understand the suggestion.

I am (was) a PR player in BF2 :P

That was quick :O

Well surely you remember how well the ingame system worked? Even when no one was running mumble or teamspeak, you could get 6 guys all sticking together and following the squad leaders orders with no planning behind it. I only found that happening with the Arma 2 VOIP system on rare occasions with ACE servers. My suggestion is I would like to see the whole squad and VOIP system overhauled to be more intuitive for pubbies. I'm giving the BF2 system as an example to take inspiration from.

Yeah i remember quite well the old BF2:PR days :)
But i think it wasn't really the "type of VOIP" but more likely the "matureness" of players playing it (PR wasn't like a run and shoot thing, so players where somehow naturally filtered out).

When it comes to ArmA, i mainly play ACE along with ACRE and i think that's why there are not so many players using the in-game VOIP system due to server hosters (myself included) offering public access to theire own TS servers to use ACRE.

Maybe something halfway between ACRE and BF2:PR radio systems may work ?

Yeah, when I mentioned ACE servers I meant to say ACRE. That works great for those who take the time to figure it out. But something inbetween would be perfect for accessibility.

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Agree'd with the ability to make custom chat groups, I don't agree with the distortion idea however.

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Lets start from those,that PR it's just mod for BF2.All PR players already forget it.All rest of mod on BF2 have same VOIP system.

But I agree with this.Current VOIP are not ideal.If someone start talk off-topic in side chat(for example)game become impossible.
Well I think integration of ACRE may help.

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