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Stuck in Combat stance
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Ok, I have not been able to find anything else about this so i'm posting a bug. I will sometimes get stuck in combat stance, I'm walking instead of running. The only way to run is to hold shift. Hitting "c" to change combat stance no longer does anything. Logging out and shutting down the game sometimes resets back to normal, but not always. Then sometimes it switches back to normal. I'm not able to do this on purpose, nor consistently. Hitting "w+s" does not do anything while stuck in this combat stance.


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Not sure, closest I've been able to figure what i'm doing is usually crouched, and moving, sometimes leaning as well.

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Unable to reproduce in the latest dev build. Closing, since this ticket is very old and it is possible that the issue was fixed in the mean time.

However, if you are still able to reproduce the issue, please create a new ticket requesting this one be re-opened.