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[New Scripting command] setCurrentTarget for already fired guided weapons
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For missile type weapons (AIM-9, AGM-65 as current examples) it would be nice to have a command to change or assign target after the weapon is fired.
_missile setCurrentTarget _target
_target could be either a object or a 3D position.

With such a command, it would be quite easy be possible to script adequate Fire Control Systems.


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This needs to be added...

GPS guided missiles with multiple waypoints, oh the possibilities...

would be nice, especially to implement more diverse vehicle weaponry (long range AA missiles AHEM). I understand and support that ARMA is not DCS and everything isn't and shouldn't be hyper-realistic, but this suggestion would allow the implementation of much more diverse weapon systems that are accessible, challenging to use, yet easily learnable to the average ARMA player.

The current long range AA missiles are essentially identical to the short range if you run this game on a mediocre PC and cant crank you draw distance up.

Long range AA missiles in real life are typically two-stage semi and active radar guided missiles. This means that once a target is identified (way beyond visual range) on the firing platform's radar, the missile is fired and usually uses GPS guidance or tracks the target as it is illuminated by a radar from the firing platform. Once the missile arrives near the target's predicted and tracked location, it activates its own radar and paints the target at short range.

Basically, you fire the missile from a very long distance towards a region of space called an "acquisition basket" at which point the missile becomes autonomous and tracks the target of its own accord.

This suggestion, along with improvements to the submunition tokens in the configs that allow projections to auto-acquire targets and "detonate" (deploy submunitions) some time before arriving at the intended target would be fantastic.

giova added a subscriber: giova.May 7 2016, 1:03 PM

As ("CfgAmmo" >> "M_Mo_120mm_AT") doesn't works (it doesn't lock anything), it is important i think to get this command, or at least to fix "M_Mo_120mm_AT" bug that makes it useless ;)

this command would be very useful. voted for it.