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Vehicle loadout editing
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Instead of having to create a different vehicle config and different vehicle entry for each loadout of the vehicle, it would be nice to be able to have the ability to have a base vehicle; and edit it's loadout by scripting or in the editor. This would allow for less duplication of vehicle entries in the editor and configs, and would help make it easier for mission editors. This would ideally be handled where hardpoints would be handled like attachments; and things such as cannon ammunition would be handled in a system similar to the inventory on infantry is set up. This will hopefully allow for more flexibility in mission design, as well as reduce the duplication of vehicles for mission makers to chose from.


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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I think that an in editor customisation tool for any object with an inventory would be quite good, and I would go as far to say it is needed. Maybe just another button in the unit placement screen in the editor that says customise and then it takes you to the inventory screen with all the things you could put in there on the left, and then it's inventory on the right.

For example an empty ammo box could be placed in the editor, then you can customise to fill it to the brim with explosives, or something.
Or a vehicle could become a mobile armoury.

It would be good to see the change of armament on the aircraft also. Similar to mando's missile script set that allowed custom arming of all the aircraft in arma 2. Having this built in however would be very convenient.

Up voted. This is a MUST HAVE for aircraft.

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could imagine something like an vehicleServicePoint for this

Still no simple implementation ingame...

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