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Weapon and attachment skins
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As shown in previous mods for past games; sometimes there are different camoflauge skins for various weapons. In the past, this has required a different weapon model and config for each different skin. I propose allowing the modder to add different skins as options to the same weapon in a manner similar to attachments. This would allow for modders to create variations such as black, or desert skins, without having to add an additional weapon to the ammo box. This will hopefully reduce the duplication of the weapons in mods, compared to what has historically been seen in previous games. This should also apply to attachments as well.

Note: This is not a request for "bling" style weapon camo like in a certain popular annually released FPS. This is only to reduce the amount of duplication in ammo boxes.


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Something i would like to see introduced.
Nice call.

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