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Puddles and Wet Asphalt/Tarmac
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Now that the game has Picture-in-Picture, is it possible to have reflective puddles of water and reflective asphalt, concrete and stone when it rains?


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This is a feature request, not a major issue. Updated accordingly.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Puddles, mud - all that stuff would add new depth into A3.

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Puddles and mud would be nice.

Now every modern game have good looking rain and puddles. As for wetty look of ground surfaces it is possible to make SOME textures exposed on sun like ground textures, especially tarmac, tin roofs looking little bit glossy - and textures used on uniforms (btw. im not sure what materials are being made uniforms in A3?) more darkened - wet looking.

BTW. I wonder how it is possible to add different layers made for example in photoshop like - muddy layer on alpha channel - to activate it after vehicle ran into mud - so when it goes out of it there would be nice "mud effect" on the vehicle.

Rain sure needs more emphasis in ARMA, just the filter effect doesn't convey much really.

I dont know about the PIP for reflections, sounds a bit over the top considering we struggle with performance issues as is, but the reflection implimentation currently implimented on the goggles, sights and windshield of littlebird should suffice for reflections on puddles as well, but I agree, during rain, certain elements like puddles on the roads should appear, and after rain stops it should fade away again. Absorbing surfaces such as concrete and dirt and clothing should become darker with a slight specular glint to it, like used on some of the plant life, and solid non pourus surfaces like metal etc should get a much more vibrant specular glint to it. While we on that subject of specular glint, maybe also apply that specular glint to the rain filter as well, this should at certain angles highlight the rain droplets.

The layers suggestion from fragmachine is a great idea as well, and should easily be applied too. since vehicles and players have damage layers, create an additional layer for wet, and for muddy. Wet texture can be applied during rain, or when in water (swimming) and muddy can trigger during rain, and when kneeling or going prone, or rolling. For vehicles, the same really, during rain the vehicle will get a wet specular glint, when vehicle drives in the rain, it will turn into a muddy texture. I am sure this should be totally do-able, but will just require some additional effort by artists.

Also to note, during rain, there shouldnt really be much dust kicked up from chopper downforce, or vehicles traveling on dirt, should rather have mud kicking up. This could be majorly beneficial to those who can actually strategically use the rain to an advantage.

in the last sitrep

dev's talk about implantation of "Screen-space Reflections technology"

see this demo

I quote : "for all terrains, times of day and weather (contrast, saturation, etc.). Then there is multi-component fog simulation, a better shore shader and the optional Screen Space Reflections (these can be too demanding for some systems)"

I hope they will use this technology to create wet surface !