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Bodies disappear from destroyed vehicles
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This bug has been around since the first ARMA. Every time you destroy any vehicle the personnel that was inside the vehicle vanishes from it. Id love to see this bug removed from ARMA 3.


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Destroy a vehicle.

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I agree. In OFP, bodies stayed in destroyed cars. It added a depth of realism.

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I think it would be nice to have the troop models replaced by burnt corpses in burning or exploded vehicles. They are present in Skyrim, so I think it wouldn't collide with maturity rating.

Rescently we had a scenario in which we attacked a convoy with explosive ordnance, with an open truck full of men. After the action we couldn't say if there were casualties or survivors, because there were no bodies to count.

Well said, Raven. That's a good idea.

Charred corpses would be perfect; there were some photographs from the First Gulf War that showed charred corpses in a car, you could see the teeth and jawbone.

It would add a level of realism and grittiness that would be just perfect for ARMA.

Upvoted, but I don't expect BIS to implement this as I very much doubt charred bodies would get past the German censors. Something for modders to add, I expect.

Id go even with just "blackened" corpses inside vehicles if that wouldnt pass German censors, I suppose modders might change that to "crispy" texture. But first step should be - having corspes inside destroyed vehicles.

+1: anything that adds the sense of grittiness (though doesn't have to be gory, just gritty) is a vote up for me.

Just some notes.
This is not bug for us. Bodies are in selection damagehide(hiding when e.g. car is totaly damaged), too.
The burned bodies is a good idea.
I'll check what we can or if we want to change this or not.

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We are very sorry, this issue was closed as designed. Thank you for your feedback.