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Sudden freeze, requires PC restart
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After playing for an undetermined amount of time, Arma 3 will seize up and freeze my entire computer. It appears frozen and has a sort of anaglyphic look to it as if it were crashing between two frames. I can't get a picture of this because the computer loses all functionality to where I cannot even ctrl alt delete or ctrl shift esc to kill the process. {F18339} {F18340} {F18341} {F18342} {F18343}


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N/A, happens too sparsely to accurately reproduce

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Current version is dev, but the crash occurs on both developer and standard versions.

dxdiag and files from appdata/local/arma 3 alpha included in .zip

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I see only one .bidmp file in all packages. Can you search for next bidmp files please? Bidmp file should be create after every crash. Thank you.

I have searched the folder and its subfolders and there is only one .bidump file. If it is a total freeze would it be able to make a crash log?

It can be created, but it depends of type of freeze/crash.
Can you try this please:

  1. Can you try please install latest graphic and sound drivers? Usage of drivers cleaner before installing new drivers will make sure you have no corrupted drivers left on computer.
  2. Can you try please install latest DirectX runtime (
  3. When you have overclock your hardware, please try go back to default values.
  4. When you use speed fan software, so try set to default values.
  5. Try disable VSYNC.
  6. Try set shadows quality to Standard

I've updated my drivers with a driver cleaner and directX. I haven't overclocked nor used speedfan to control fan speeds and I keep vsync off and shadows on low. This issue isn't a daily thing so I will come back if it happens again.

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I am getting this same issue.
Made sure my rig is not OC.
Cleaned inside of rig to ensure no overheating.
Removed video drivers, reinstalled latest.
System running cool.
Disabled VSYNC
Low and Standard shadows tried.
Latest Direct X installed.